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Program design & Development

At Focus At Focus Africa, our Program Design and Development services specialize in creating impactful programs for agriculture, natural resources, climate change, and agribusiness. We tailor programs to align with donors’ objectives, utilizing industry experts for excellence. Our approach is research-driven, resulting in clear, concise, and action-oriented programs. We integrate seamlessly into existing project environments, emphasizing a proven track record. We also offer tailored training in project proposal writing and management, empowering organizations for positive change and sustainable development span>

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation approach is comprehensive and tailored to organizational needs. We conduct baseline assessments to set progress targets, midline assessments for timely feedback, and endline assessments for overall program impact. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovative approaches, including online platform integration for efficient data collection and real-time access. Our systematic data analysis, including logframe analysis, enhances project performance and provides actionable insights. We pride ourselves on adaptability and future orientation, ensuring our systems evolve with technological advancements, empowering organizations to harness data effectively and stay ahead in a changing environment.

Strategy & Management consulting

Our Strategy and Management Consulting goes beyond plan crafting, emphasizing strategy as the cornerstone of organizational success. We assist in developing robust strategies through meticulous analysis of the current state, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The elements include establishing a clear vision, defining SMART objectives, and conducting a thorough environmental analysis to identify unique selling points. We assess internal capabilities, align them with strategic objectives, and ensure successful implementation through detailed action plans involving all stakeholders. Regular performance monitoring and evaluation, along with effective communication and change management, are integral to our strategy execution support.

Business Planning & Enterprise Development

Our Business Planning and Enterprise Development approach leverages extensive expertise to enhance businesses’ capabilities for effective competition in local, regional, and international markets. We aim to empower enterprises for growth, expansion, and entry into global trade networks. Our consultancy packages encompass essential services, including Market Research for informed decision-making, Value Chain Analysis to enhance efficiency and identify growth opportunities, and support for Local Economic Development to contribute to regional prosperity. Business Solution services provide tailored strategies for diverse challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes. Lastly, Business Planning is a cornerstone, creating well-structured roadmaps aligned with clients’ goals, market realities, and growth opportunities.

Economic Policy Analysis & Reasearch

Our consultancy services offer evidence-based solutions to complex economic challenges for government agencies and private companies worldwide. We analyze the impact of legislation, political considerations, regulations, and commercial arrangements on decision-making. Specializing in areas like environmental regulations and tax policies, we empower clients to make informed choices aligned with their goals. We also focus on effective risk management and conduct Trade-Related Research on topics such as Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade, Rules of Origin, and Trade Facilitation for more efficient international transactions.

Finance Modelling & Auditing

At Focus Africa Consulting, we offer comprehensive Financial Modelling and Auditing services tailored to businesses and organizations across Africa. Our team of highly qualified finance and accounting professionals, with diverse sector expertise, is committed to supporting sustainable growth. Our financial modelling services provide invaluable insights and data-driven strategies for informed decision-making. Our auditing approach exceeds compliance standards, ensuring accurate financial statements that reflect your company’s achievements. We prioritize accuracy and integrity in financial reporting, aiming to deliver excellence for your peace of mind and confidence. Whether you’re a startup or an established entity, Focus Africa is your trusted partner on the journey to success.

Our Past Work and Partners

Over the past 15 years, Focus Africa Zambia has gained considerable experience in conducting credible and reliable project evaluations with reputable institutions such as Heifer International Zambia, the World Bank, WFP, FAO to mention a few.

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